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Welcome to the official Briosos website where you can find beautifully handcrafted leather and canvas bags. Intricate hand-crafted approach to creating our products sets us apart from our designer competitors. We believe that quality and style don't have to cost much and we pride ourselves on creating leather and canvas products with reasonable prices.

Shop from our wide variety of styles of bags, wallets, pouches and other handcrafted leather products. Since our products are handcrafted, you'll be sure to have one-of-a-kind item from us.

Leather Characteristics:

Our Bags are made of Genuine Leather processed properly and naturally tanned that makes our leather soft and durable. The leather is then hand cut and hand stitched. Each bag is individually made, pure handmade bag with lasting durability.

Each bag is a totally natural product therefore the colors and the finish can vary from one piece to the next. Parts from the whole animal skin is used to make a single leather bag. So there may be some variation in color and the textures to the different parts of a bag, which will create a wonderfully unique effect.

Natural lines and marks in the leather are left fully exposed. There may also be visible creases in the leather. These features show the genuine origin of our leather bags does not affect durability. Since our leather bags are handmade, your new leather bag may be subject to natural variation in its sizes.

All this simply enhances the unique appearance of your bag and adds extra character and uniqueness making it one of a kind.