Taking Care of your Leather Bags


Leather is a beautiful natural material that is known for its strong, durable characteristic.

Leather bags can keep their shape for years if you care for them properly.

We recommend you to follow, or at least consider the following practices on how you can clean and condition your bag.

  1. Do not overstuff your leather bag. Leather has the ability to mould to a shape. Over stuffing may result in permanent bumps and lumps on leather surface. When it is not in use, you may stuff your bag with bubble wrap to hold its shape.
  2. Always store your leather handbag in the dust bag. Do not store your leather bag in plastic bags or any nonporous covers, this will result to mould growth. If you have misplaced the dust bag use soft and cotton cloth such as pillowcase as an alternative to the dust bag.
  3. Keep your leather bag away from direct sunlight as exposure will cause the leather to both fade and crack.
  4. Moisturize your bag with a leather conditioner to keep it supple and rehydrate in dry seasons or environment. Do not use cleaners with alcohol which will discolor and dry out the leather
  5. Remove stains immediately as soon as you notice them. Wipe off spills as quickly as possible using a damp cloth with a mild soap solution.

Proper care prevents the leather from drying out and cracking. Leather is like your skin, to remain in excellent condition it needs to be moisturised and protected on a regular basis.

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